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Protect Your Business With Our DOT Compliance Services

IRONWOOD provides DOT/FMCSA consulting and compliance services to businesses across the country. We are here to help, both through the beginning stages of setting up and meeting basic DOT regulations and requirements to prepare for or respond to a DOT crisis.

DOT Compliance Consulting: For Safer Communities

Employers need a go-to resource for questions, best-practices solutions, and crisis management. It is not necessary for employers to understand all aspects of the Compliance Safety and Accountability (CSA) scoring algorithm, but all employers need to know how to read, interpret, and improve their specific CSA score. IRONWOOD helps employers limit liabilities, mitigate problems, and put their best fleet forward from the very beginning or in the event of a regulatory audit. We offer a full range of DOT compliance services, including:

DOT Mock Audits

DOT # Setup

DQ File Maintenance

Unlimited Phone Support

Clearinghouse Setup

Conditional Response

Safety Performance History Services

State-Specific DOT Setup

Administrator Training

Reasonable Suspicion Training

DOT Custom Hiring Packet

Off-Site Administrative Maintenance

DOT Manuals, Policies, & Programs

Full & Part-Time On-Site DOT Consultant

DOT New Entrant Audit

Data Q

IFTA filing

CDL Recruiting

Ask About Our Additional DOT Compliance Services

Most employers understand the liabilities that exist in their industry amidst everyday operations. However, how to affordably address and correct them can be challenging. IRONWOOD helps alleviate the fear of the unknown with our DOT compliance consulting. We understand that businesses want to separate fact from fiction for greater peace of mind. IRONWOOD advises employers on what is required by DOT/FMCSA and other regulatory authorities.

Common DOT Compliance Issues

Incomplete DQ Fies

Inadequate maintenance records

Failure to conduct pre-employment drug/alcohol tests

Driver fatigue and HOS violations

Lack of hazardous materials training

Failure to use ELDs

Ignoring FMCSA regulations on load securement

Overlooking driver medical certifications

Inconsistent safety training for employees

Not conducting regular vehicle inspections

FAQs on DOT Regulations

Often business owners want to know the answers to the “what ifs,” such as:

If you’re finding it difficult to understand your Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements, it would be beneficial to hire a DOT compliance consultant or a professional with expertise in this area. We can provide guidance on compliance with DOT regulations, which may include driver qualification, hours-of-service, vehicle maintenance, and drug and alcohol testing programs. Additionally, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) offers a variety of educational resources online.

If the DOT or FMCSA initiates an investigation, it’s crucial to cooperate fully. Here’s what you should do:

Contact IRONWOOD’s DOT department or engage legal counsel to help guide you through the process.

Preserve and provide necessary records. These could include driver logs, vehicle maintenance records, drug testing results, etc.

Review your compliance program: Make sure you understand any areas of non-compliance and have plans to address them.

Our DOT compliance consulting fully supports you during DOT investigations.

If you receive a citation, it will likely be in the form of a notice of violation or notice of claim, outlining the specific regulatory requirements you failed to meet. It’s important to respond promptly and appropriately:

Contact IRONWOOD’s department for DOT compliance consulting or engage legal counsel: We can help you understand the citation and develop an appropriate response.

Correct the non-compliance: As quickly as possible, correct the issues that led to the citation.

Respond to the citation: This typically involves submitting a corrective action plan to the DOT/FMCSA, showing how you’ve addressed the issues raised and how you’ll prevent them in the future.

If your DOT safety rating changes to “conditional” or “unsatisfactory,” you can indeed take steps to challenge, correct, or upgrade it. Once you’ve corrected the issues that led to the downgraded rating, you can request a rating change by submitting a written request to the FMCSA. This request should include evidence of the corrective actions taken. The FMCSA then has up to 60 days to review your request and perform a follow-up compliance review if necessary.

The worst-case scenario would likely involve a major violation of DOT regulations that could result in serious penalties, including heavy fines or even being ordered to cease operations. If this happens:

Contact IRONWOOD’s department for DOT compliance consulting and we can help you navigate the situation and determine if you’ll need expert legal advice to navigate this situation.

Correct the non-compliance: Act quickly to correct the issue(s) that led to the violation.

Cooperate fully with DOT/FMCSA: This includes paying any fines that are imposed, unless they are being legally challenged.

Review your compliance program: Understand what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again. This may involve overhauling your current compliance strategies, retraining staff, or even bringing in outside experts. Our DOT compliance services include a thorough review of your existing policies and procedures.

Remember, prevention is always the best course of action. Ensuring you understand and are in compliance with all DOT regulations is the most effective way to avoid such a scenario.